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Project developed for a workshop i did at the Concept Design Academy in Pasadena.

The idea is that the smaller arms can clip/lock into the main arms while in motion or while in transit on another vehicle. The larger arms/legs are for locomotion and manipulation, each finger is a retractable tentacle type manipulator that come out when needed for more delicate interaction with its environment or for attacking. The smaller arms are for manipulation and have an ammo feed inside so the design can hold another weapon with its fingers or fire directly out of its hands to engage targets in multiple directions at once. The arms are all very flexible like an octopus or something so it could move and traverse areas where a human cannot, the more hard surfaced parts at the top of each limb contain ammo/battery/brain of the thing so even if the main 'head' area gets damage or an arm gets blown off they can operate independently to finish their task.

Ben mauro opal 01b bm
Ben mauro opal 00b bm
Ben mauro opal sketh 01 bm
Ben mauro opal sketh 02 bm