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Got clearance for a small selection of work, here were a few designs for Igon Siruss, his guards, his small creatures (Pitghor) and the bigger Megaptor along with illustrations showing him in action. Was really fun getting to design everything for a big chunk of the film like that. Hopefully i can share the bulk of the 400+ images i wanted to show at a later date, until then you can check out what I'm allowed to show on my website.

Ben mauro v megaptor 01 bm
Ben mauro v megaptor chase 01d bm
Ben mauro v megaptorchase 02b bm
Ben mauro v megaptorchase 01 bm
Ben mauro v bus update 03 bm
Ben mauro v megaptor sizecomparison 01 bm

The megaptor along with the smaller Pitghor creature i designed and Igon Siruss guard.

Ben mauro 20287166 10155507382731241 1018823150642301343 o

How it ended up in the film climbing on the bus to tear it apart. :)