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Got clearance for a small selection of work, here was a glimpse at some of Igon Siruss guard designs. Was really fun getting to design everything for a big chunk of the film like that. Hopefully i can share the bulk of the 400+ images i wanted to show at a later date, until then you can check out what I'm allowed to show on my website.

Ben mauro v japhetsidealien 03full bmsssss

There were a few variations of these guys but i think was the one that was built for the film.

Ben mauro v japhetguardhats 01 bm

Luc wanted some ideas for hats/goggles. These were done over the early face sketches i did for these characters. They were altered later and adapted to feel more similar in lineage to where Igon Siruss went, less horns/plating like a lizard.

Ben mauro v khodarguard pistol 01ortho bm
Ben mauro screen shot 2016 11 10 at 3 18 27 pm 1 1600 c

A glimpse at them in the film. :)

Ben mauro igon guard

A glimpse at them in the film. :)