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Had the huge pleasure and honor to work with Luc Besson again on his recent film LUCY, helping him visualize a lot of the more cerebral portions of his script. Was fun to work with him early on to develop and visualize the future computers seen at the end and visualize some other really out there ideas. One of the first big projects to come out finally working as an independent directly with the client/director, was fun to go on set, see our names in the credits as ourselves and be able to post our work with no hassle...... amazing. Enjoy!

See the rest here:

Ben mauro 08 lucy 01 bm
Ben mauro 09 l usb 01 bm
Ben mauro 02 l computer development bm
Ben mauro 03 l computer 01 bm
Ben mauro 07 l computer overview bm
Ben mauro computer v2 forms bm
Ben mauro 20 l organic interface1 bm copy
Ben mauro scientist 01b bm
Ben mauro scientist 02b bm
Ben mauro scientist 03b bm
Ben mauro 01 l sequence 01c bm
Ben mauro stomach 01b bm copy
Ben mauro stomach 02 bm