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LYCON - Exosuit

Ok so not quite sure if this would fit into the world that was starting to be created with the other images, but thought it was a cool idea that i don't think i have ever seen before either and wanted to illustrate it. The idea is that in order to interact in a larger capacity with objects in the physical world (or possibly for protection/defense/travel?) these guys could grow or create this organic suite from matter in their environment that they would plug themselves into, essentially becoming the nervous system for this larger/stronger organic form. This is just a rough idea for one of the possible forms, given the abstract nature of the entity it could take on any form they like really. The petal forms on top would all close up once it is fully inside completely covering/protecting the entity, but the translucent nature of the object would allow you to see the entity inside while it is operating it. Hope you guys enjoy, fleshing out some of the 'naked' views of the tech without the entity 'plugging in' so a bit easier to see.

Lycon exosuits bm